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Ford Zephyr Range

Reproduction Raymond Mays Ford Zephyr Head

Aluminium Reproduction Raymond Mays Cylinder Head. The new Raymond Mays cylinder head produced by Chesman Motorsport & Iain Daniels Classic Motorsport has more power than the original,with Bronze Valve Guides, Modern Chamber Design and high grade materials. The pattern equipment was produced by Chesman Motorsport as well as all the machine work and fine finishing.

Performance Webber Inlet Manifold Set


Zephyr Embossed Rocker Cover

Sand cast Zephyr embossed rocker cover. Mirror polished with painted finish.

Standard Rocker Cover


Polished Aluminium Rocker Cover


Compsite Head Gasket

Composite Cylinder Head Gasket unique to Chesman Motorsport with Copper firing rings.

Roll Formed Cylinder Head Studs

Roll Formed Cylinder Head Stud Kit for Raymond Mays Ford Zephyr made by Chesman Motorsport

Pushrod Set

Pushrod Set for Ford Zephyr made by Chesman Motorsport

Zephyr Cam Follower Set

Cam Follower Set for Ford Zephyr made by Chesman Motorsport

Ford Zephyr 6 Cylinder Aluminium Sump

The new Aluminium sump has to ability and carry more oil and come complete with a new baffle design. The new sump design also provides aditional strength to the block.

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