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Honing & Line Boring

Line Boring

. Line Boring/Align Boring

. Small Bores down to 23mm

. Large Bores up to 102mm

. Cylinder Blocks, Cam Carriers

. Single parts

. Large volume production

. Aluminium, Steel, Cast Iron

Cross Hatch Honing

. Cylinder Honing

. Con Rod Honing

. Cylinder Bore Honing

. Large Volume Honing

. Cross Hatch Honing

. Mass Volume Production Honing

Standard Tolerance +/- 0.01mm

Super Fine Tolerance  +/- 0.006mm

Aluminium, Steel, Cast

Dynamic Balancing

. Crankshafts

. FLywheels

. Pulleys

. Shafts

Using a twin point roller Schenk, we have the ability to balance two or single planes. This allows us to balance shafts, pulleys or full assemblies. 

Large production volume balancing or single units, we have completed contract such as 50 pulleys a week. 

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