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Machine Shop Jobs

Engines Routinely Renovated:

  • Jaguar

  • Ferrari

  • Austin Healey

  • Aston Martin

  • V8's

  • Lambourghini

  • Maserati

Popular Jobs:

  • Face Skim - cylinder heads/block, manifolds etc.

  • Tub Grinding - flywheels, shims, spacers etc.

  • Turning - mass production to unique singles

  • Milling - manual to CNC, mass production to singles

  • Boring - small bores, tappets guides etc.

  • Boring - larges bores, cylinder blocks etc.

  • Hone - small and large bores, conrods to cylinder bores

  • Stud Removal - removal of snapped and awkward studs

  • Valve Seat - valve seat cutting, removal and replacement

  • Flywheel Lightening - removal of excess weight for race specification conversion

  • Knife Edge Crank - modifying crank to reduce weight and revolving resistance

  • Crank Balance - dynamic crank balance for any crank type to fine tolerences in house

  • Full Assembly Balance - cranks, flywheel, clutch and front pully all balanced

  • Conrod Balance - small and big end balance to overall balance within .5 grams

  • Piston Balance - balance pistons along with conrods for zero balance

  • Polishing - external or internal polishing possible to mirror finish

  • Decoking - removal of carbon deposits

  • Porting - flowing to opening ports

  • Pressure Testing - check for small leaks, cylinder heads, blocks, manifolds etc.

  • Ceramic Sealing - prevent and repair any small leaks with our ceramic solution

  • Crack Testing - check crank, rods, cams etc. for small cracks to prevent further damage


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