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Having worked with several of the best Lamborghini restoration companies and experts, we have had the privilege to gain experience with these fine Italian engines. As a team we can confidently say we have knowledge on working with the Miura, Espada, 3500, Diablo, Countach and Jalpa. 

  • Cylinder block re-liner

  • Unleaded Valve Seats

  • Bronze Valve Guides with stem seal conversions

  • Port work, Chamber repairs, corrosion repairs

  • Line Boring (Cam and Crank)

  • Dynamic and Static Balancing

  • Parts Supply and Sourcing

Cylinder Heads

  • Chemical clean 

  • Pressure test 

  • Replace seats (manufactured in-house)

  • Cut and lap a 3 angle seat

  • Supply and fit bronze valve guides (manufactured in-house, suit performance stem seal)

  • Skim face 

  • Blends new seats and chambers

  • CC balance chambers

  • Line bore cam lines 

  • Ceramic seal

Bottom End

  • Balance Full Crank Assembly

  • Balance Piston Set

  • Balance Con Rod Set

  • Grind Crankshaft Mains and Big Ends

  • Machine crank for lip seal 100mm

  • Crack test crank

  • Machine out bungs


  • Check alignment and straighten

  • Resize Rod Big End 

  • Rebush small end and hone to pin

  • Crack Test Rods


  • Make std liners and supply

  • Remove liners, clean block, bore for liners, fit new liners

  • Skim for nip height

  • Line bore 

  • Bore and hone liners to pistons

  • Remove studs (drill if necessary)

  • Pressure test

  • Ceramic seal

  • Chemical clean


  • Stud made from aerospec grade material 

  • Various parts, castings, cranks etc.

  • Aerospec nuts made to instructions

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