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 Pattern Workshop

Over the years, many things have changed in engineering and motorsport, from the techniques used within the industry, to the modern technology taking over the world. Although this is useful in some cases, it's not always the way forward for everyone and no one knows and feels this more than us here at Chesman Motorsport. Here at the Chesman pattern workshop, we still use skills which unfortunately are becoming extinct. Time-served master pattern maker Keith Johnson joined the team in 2011, bringing with him over 44 years experience and pattern making skills. At the Chesman pattern shop we bring to the industry something that is increasingly rare; tradition and originality.

. Loose Sand Casting Equipment

. Air Set Sand Casting Equipment

. Aluminium Casting Equipment

. Iron Casting Equipment

. Bronze Casting Equipment

. Magnesium Casting Equipment


At Chesman Motorsport we make pattern equipment for everything from cylinder heads, blocks, manifolds, pump housings, handles, trimming and much more. We also  have regular customers outside of the motoring world. Whether the customer wants modifications or an identical specification, we can ensure the equipment will cast the product to total satisfaction. Using hands-on pattern makers with a keen eye for detail, Chesman Motorsport can produce castings to look aesthetically perfect to the manufacturer and era.

Ferrari 330, Rear Catch, Bronze Handles

Ferrari 330 rear quarter catch, patterns and castings produced to be an exact copy of sample.

CAD & 3D Scanning


3D Printing & CNC Patterns

Loose and Air Set Patterns

Working with local leading CAD engineers and 3D printing contractors, we can use our casting and machine experience to reproduce parts without samples beeing needed for extended periods of time. The ability to work with drawings also allows clients to commision parts without the need for samples.

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