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Parts Sourcing

Although we have always been known for our Engine work, we can source much more. As Chesman Motorsport are not a single marque specialist, we have several sources we can call upon for most things. Having one of the largest client collections within the industry, we have the ability to source rare and exotic parts both within the trade and private dealer market. Our recent portfolio consists of matching numbers engines, windscreens, interior mirrors and wheels to name a few.

If there is somthing that you're struggling to find, let us help. The below form allows us to get a head start of sourcing and think of a route to find what you require. If you have any photos, please send these during our email correspondence.

Item Sourcing Form
Have you tried other sources?
Does the item require desirable features? Specific part numbers, casting numbers, sizing.

Thank you. We aim to be in touch as soon as we can.

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