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Having worked with a collection of the finest Ferrari restorers and preparation teams in the world, we have built up extensive experience and a portfolio of engines that would make most hesitate.

Just looking at the V12 market, we have completed works on 166, 225, 250, 275, 330 and 365, consisting of Lussos, SWB, Zegatos, LM cars, GTOs, GTCs, Daytonas and BBs.


Dropping cylinder numbers, we have completed many V8s including 308, 328, 355, 360s and F40s, all of which have their own quirks and variations.

During 2019 we saw a real surge in the beloved V6 Dino. Although we have completed many over the years, even being commissioned to remanufacture new cylinder heads, we are now averaging 1 complete engine machining job every 7-8 weeks.

  • Cylinder block re-liner

  • Unleaded Valve Seats

  • Bronze Valve Guides with stem seal conversions

  • Port work, Chamber repairs, corrosion repairs

  • Line Boring (Cam and Crank)

  • Dynamic and Static Balancing

  • Parts Supply and Sourcing

Cylinder Heads

  • Chemical clean 

  • Pressure test 

  • Replace seats (manufactured in-house)

  • Cut and lap a 3 angle seat

  • Supply and fit bronze valve guides (manufactured in-house, suit performance stem seal)

  • Skim face 

  • Blends new seats and chambers

  • CC balance chambers

  • Line bore cam lines 

  • Ceramic seal

Bottom End

  • Balance Full Crank Assembly

  • Balance Piston Set

  • Balance Con Rod Set

  • Grind Crankshaft Mains and Big Ends

  • Machine crank for lip seal 100mm

  • Crack test crank

  • Machine out bungs


  • Check alignment and straighten

  • Resize Rod Big End 

  • Rebush small end and hone to pin

  • Crack Test Rods


  • Make std liners and supply

  • Remove liners, clean block, bore for liners, fit new liners

  • Skim for nip height

  • Line bore 

  • Machine for a rear seal

  • Bore and hone liners to pistons

  • Remove studs (drill if necessary)

  • Pressure test

  • Ceramic seal

  • Chemical clean


  • Stud made from aerospec grade material 

  • Machine water pump for new seal

  • Water pump propellor and shaft machine modification

  • Aerospec nuts made to instructions

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