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About Chesman Motorsport

The history of Chesman Motorsport began in the 1950s on the same site where we still stand today. From Greetham Engineering (Ernest Greetham), to Chesman Engineering (Andy Chesman), to eventually being what we are today Chesman Motorsport (Stephen Pearson). Initially being known for developing the Imp Engine, Chesman Motorsport have since ventured futher into the depths of the motorsport world. Gaining acknowledgment for our work in the classic race and restoration worlds, as well as our work within modern motorsport and road engine developments.

At Chesman Motorsport, we pride ourselves in our dedication to total customer satisfaction. Having been found in 1950, we are a long serving company within the motorsport industry. Although none of our engineers are old enough to have been here from the start, all of the skills and knowledge of the job have been passed down through the generations, having been honed along with modern research.



At Chesman Motorsport we can carry out any work that is  needed for your engine, whether it is race or road specification. Throughout the year, many of the top names in classic and modern racing will  be using engines finely perfected by Chesman engineers, racing at events such as the Silverstone Classic, Classic Le Mans and Mille Miglia.

Within our workshop we have multiple machines to cope with any form of boring, line boring, honing, milling and turning, as well as crack testing, pressure testing, balancing and polishing - also producing parts and componants either in bulk or unique one-offs. Along side our machine shop at Chesman Motorsport we also have an in-house pattern workshop, using hands-on skilled pattern makers for producing all types of sand casting equipment.

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