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Having been involed with the preservation and preparation of the finest tuned Bentley engines in the world, not only are we confident with these big bore side valves, but we have a real thrill for working with them. Being co-founders of Blizzard Motor Cars, it has enabled us to develop our parts range and really test our upgrades to ensure significant improvements in reliability and power.

It's not just the big cast iron 6s but also the V8s. Reliners, valve guides and seats, all of it is undertaken with confidence, having completed engines for supercharged specials to well used road cars.

  • Triple Carb Conversions

  • 4.5 - 4.9L Conversions

  • Unleaded Valve Seats

  • Gasflow Heads and Blocks

  • Dynamic and Static Balancing

  • Parts Supply

Cylinder Head

  • Pressure Test

  • Repair Corrosion

  • Replace Unleaded Inlet Seats

  • Replace Valve Guides

  • Gasflow ports and chambers

  • CC Balance Chambers

  • Skim Face Flat

  • Supply New Valves

Cylinder Block

  • Reliner from 4.5 - 4.9

  • Replace Unleaded Exhaust Seats

  • Replace Exhaust Valve Guides

  • Gas Flow Exhaust Ports

  • Pressure Test

  • Repair Waterway corosion

  • Replace Cam Bearings and Line Bore

  • Finish bore and Hone to Pistons

  • Skim Block Face Flat

  • Line Bore Crank Line

  • Supply Exhaust Valves

Crank Shaft

  • Crack Test

  • Grind Mains and Big End Journals

  • Balance Crank Assembly

Con Rods

  • Crack Test

  • Check Alignments and Straighten

  • Resize Big End Journals

  • Replace Small End Bushes and Hone to Pin

  • Balance End to End

Typical Bentley R Type Job List

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