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During 2020 we head into Jaguar job number 2000, this being only recorded since the millenium. Having the best trade customers on our books has meant we have supplied services on the finest Jaguar engines from race to road. D Types, C Types, E Types and more XKs than you can imagine.

  • Unleaded Valve Seat Conversions

  • Port and chamber work (gaslow)

  • Race valve conversions & race cam options

  • D Type Block Conversions

  • Re-liner and boring

  • Dynamic and Static Balancing

  • Waterway corrosion repair

  • Line boring (cam and crank)

Basic Job List XK 3.8 Fast Road

Cylinder Head

  • Chemical clean

  • Lead-free seats inlet

  • Lead-free seats ex

  • Gas-flow ports

  • Fit bronze valve guides

  • Cut all 12 seats

  • Skim face flat

  • Water way cut out and weld and machine back to std

  • Replace all 12 Tappet Guides 

  • Pressure test

  • Ceramic

  • Polish Front from rough

Supply Head Parts

  • Inlet valve competition spec x6

  • Ex valve competition spec x6

  • Uprated Tappet followers x12

  • Double valve springs

  • Cam bearings

  • Stem seals (each)

Bottom End

  • Crack test crank

  • Grind mains and big ends

  • Remove oil bungs

  • Machine for lip seal

  • Balance crank, flywheel clutch and front pulley

  • Lighten flywheel

  • Reface flywheel


  • Check alignment and straighten

  • Resize con-rod big ends

  • Replace small end bushes and hone to pin

  • Balance con-rods end to end

  • Balance pistons


  • Re-liner, bore, hone and skim

  • Pressure test

  • Chemical Clean


  • Core plugs

  • Split rear seal

  • Crank bungs 3.4/3.8

  • Big end nuts and bolts

  • Main bearings

  • Big end bearings

  • Thrust washers

  • Supply Lighten steel flywheel (std spec)

  • Gasket set

  • Bottom end Gasket set

  • Composite head gasket

  • Supply Quick Release Rear Seal Housing

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