Who Knows What This Is?

Somthing we pride ourselves on at Chesman Motorsport is our knowledge for a wide range of rare and exotic engines. No week is the same at Chesman Motorsport. Yes, we do the work we are famous for within the classic racing world, but alongside this is a workshop full of suprises. This engine is a fine example. The Offenhauser.

The engine also known as "Offy" was developed by Fred Offenhauser gaining recognition for its success in the Indianapolis 500. This Offenhauser engine is a mono block consisting of the cylinder head and block in complete unit construction, eliminating the need for cylinder head gaskets. With this design it enabled the engine to run a compression ratio as high as 15:1.

After hearing about the work we do with our pattern equipment and parts we can produce, Fred Harper of Harper Engineering brought the Offenhauser to us. Still racing and keeping the engine alive, Fred Harper has had a full set of pattern equipment made to reproduce the Offenhauser mono block. This was a very interesting and exciting job to be a part of; reproducing such an incredible design.

For further information on the product please contact Fred Harper.


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